What 60 years ago started as a small family vineyard, became now our life. In our Family business, the vineyard is filled by our passion and love in learning about life and making it thrive at its best. We grow all our grapes with the Organic method, respecting the vine and the biodiversity of the vineyards.


Each variety has its own growth cycles and it is important for us to know them in order to respect the vine. We do not follow only the Organic principle, but also adopt specific and individual methods for each of our varieties in order to improve the quality of our grapes.

Bunch of white grapes in the vineyard in the Wine Museum of Thira, Santorini, Greece.

“Each grape is unique: respecting its diversity means defending its quality”


The company is located in the province of Venice, where the climate is temperate. Between the Alps and the sea, the conformation of the territory offers a great windy circle and excellent temperature variation.
The soil is a loam soil, just tending to clayey.
The terroir favors the production of grapes that give good structure for the reds and excellent aromas for the white wines. Our history comes from our territory.


The philosophy we adopt allows us to grow vines with organic and sustainable methods. We believe in technological innovation in order to safeguard the environment, reducing CO2 in the air to create an increasingly cleaner ecosystem.
We grow the vine naturally. Most of our vineyards are classified as a natural reserve for the protection of native fauna.