M i s s i o n


T h i s i s W h a t w e D o

How good would you feel if you could work sustainably, respecting nature? This is what we do. The goal is to become more and more sustainable every year. We want to share with you our results and the enthusiasm in making our passion greener every year.


A l f e o P i a z z a

We help nature to grow with us, respecting the vineyard and its ecosystem.
Born in 1934, our grandfather is the one who took his father’s experience and ventured totally into the world of wine. He has been able to improve winemaking techniques and pass on his knowledge and passion to the next generations.


P a o l o P i a z z a

Communicate our sustainable philosophy. All the gratitude goes to our father, not only for being able to manage the company, but also for knowing how to look after us by getting us ready for the adventure, transmitting us the passion for nature and teaching us the wine world, which we are now living together with him.


D a v i d e P i a z z a

Not only the ecosystem, wine is also a living product.
I grew up with the business from an early age, following my grandfather and dad. I studied Business Economics and Management at the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice and then I dedicated myself to the company.


A l e s s i o P i a z z a

Many languages ​​but one world. Respect the environment.
I studied Winemaking and Viticulture for 6 years at the Cerletti Enological School in Conegliano. University studies followed in Plumpton, UK, where I studied Wine Business for 3 years. I then moved to Sweden, where I worked for 3 years for an importer of wine, beer and spirit. During my travels I have had various experiences, including the most significant in England, where I was an Associate Judge for the IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition).