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Discover our origins from 1960 to now. A story of generations, passion for our land and devotion to the vine.



Intense ruby red color.  The nose shows notes of red fruit and cherry with hints of plum and freshly mown grass. On the palate it is very balanced, with elegant and soft tannins that make it very harmonious and easy to drink.


Semi-Sparkling Chardonnay

Straw yellow color, with a pleasant and delicate perlage. On the nose, the wine has notes of bread crust, golden apple and wildflowers. The taste is lively and light, with notes of bread highlighted by the bubbles and balanced by the slight minerality


Cabernet Franc

Intense ruby red and violet reflections. Pleasant bouquet of red fruits, green pepper and very typical grassy notes. The final herbaceous sensation is the key element that defines this international variety.



Ruby red color with violet reflections. Present a bouquet of hints of berries, currant, blackberry and cherry. The taste is lively, very reminiscent of wild berries, easy drinking and with a balanced and pleasant finish.


Pinot Grigio

straw yellow with greenish reflections. On the nose the wine is characterized by floral and fruity notes: William pear, elderflower, lime, green apple and white peach. The taste is velvety, soft and harmonious. The wine has a light, dry body characterized by a slight minerality.


Refosco dal Penducolo Rosso

Intense ruby red with violet notes and violet reflections. The taste is vinous and fruity with notes of wild berries, in particular blackberry and wild raspberry are prominent. The wine is slightly tannic with balanced acidity and structure.

This wine is indigenous to our territory.



Straw yellow with green reflections. The characteristic of this wine is the bouquet: it has notes of almond, wildflowers and white pulp fruit. On the palate it is very typical the touch of bitter almond with balanced residual sugar and minerality. This wine is indigenous to our territory.


Prosecco DOC

Brilliant straw yellow, with fine perlage. On the nose, the wine has both floral notes of white flowers and fruity notes of apple, pear, exotic fruit and citrus. On the palate, it presents a balance between acidity and sugars, which combined with the flavour give fresh, soft and lively notes.


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Years ago our grandparents handed down the meaning of nature, passion and respect for the environment. Our business is constantly evolving to integrate our tradition with the continuous technological and sustainable development of our times.

The aim is to become more sustainable. We want to share with you our results and the enthusiasm in making our passion greener even year.